College (and some pro) football coaching overlaps

Behram Mistree
Posted: July 22, 2012

For a while, I've been curious about networks and I really like college football. I also wanted a fun project to learn a little bit about d3. So I decided to try to show which football coaches that had worked on the same staffs together.

I used Mechanical Turk to put data from Wikipedia into a more machine-readable form. Feel free to use these data for your own projects. However, although I did perused some of it, THE DATA IN THIS FILE AND THESE VISUALIZTIONS MAY BE INCOMPLETE OR INACCURATE.

A couple of side notes:

Adjacency matrix

Click on colored boxes below to display where coaches overlapped. (Color of box matches color of school where first overlap recorded.)



Because of sampling bias, it's tough to conclude much from these data. If someone were interested in doing additional research, they should start by adding additional data in a principled manner. After that, I'd recommend that they look into the following:

Some statistics

For those curious, I've listed the programs with the most overlaps below:
Kansas State7
Oklahoma State5
Notre Dame5
Miami Dolphins4
New England Patriots3
Cleveland Browns3
New York Giants3
Florida State3
Ohio State3
New York Jets3
Georgia Tech3
Texas A&M3
Youngstown State3
Chicago Bears2
Murray State2
Penn State2
Dallas Cowboys2